If a pupil has an idea for a new club or society, they are encouraged to discuss it with us, and more often than not, the club or society will become a regular fixture in the School Calendar.

Most recently, the School has started up its own go-karting club, and already the team is competing against other schools.

As pupils grow through the School, they can join clubs that support their academic studies, while others, like Computing Club, Design Club and Photoshop Skills Club, take pupils beyond the curriculum.

Some clubs and societies, like Warhammer and Chess Club, have involved pupils in national competition. Members of Manfood club can often be seen in the kitchen cooking large steaks, the Cake Decorating Society will always have pudding at the ready.

Sixth Form students are encouraged to lead societies which explore career options such as Medicine, Engineering and Law. In addition, our Dissection Society has become two of the most popular groups in recent years.

The School Calendar 2024

Clubs and Societies Booklet 2023-2024