Pastoral Care in the Prep School

Forest Preparatory School provides a safe, friendly and caring environment

A community in which pupils and staff are considerate, conscientious and supportive towards each other.

Form teachers

Form teachers provide excellent pastoral care, small class sizes and our diamond structure afford Form teachers an insightful relationship with each individual within their class.

Pupil welfare is a feature of every staff meeting so that the circumstances and individual needs of pupils are known and acted upon.

Heads of Pastoral Care

We have experienced class teachers responsible for boys’ pastoral care and girls’ pastoral care, enabling us to tailor pastoral provision from EYFS to Y6. To maintain excellent provision, our Heads of Pastoral Care meet weekly with the Headmaster of the Preparatory School and more frequently with each other.

Rewarding success

We believe in regularly rewarding our pupils’ successes through the award of Merits and Stars and regular Celebration Assemblies. Excellent work and good behaviour is always celebrated.

Merits, our reward for excellent conduct, and Stars, our reward for academic successes, also contribute to the hotly contested House competitions.

Celebration Assembly

Our weekly Celebration Assembly is a chance to award certificates commending good behaviour or excellent work as well as celebrating our pupils many achievements outside of school.


Each pupil is assigned to a House, which promotes team spirit. We are able to draw upon the diverse strengths and interests of our pupils with House Competitions in sport, music and drama.

The atmosphere is always inclusive and pupils enjoy the security and comradeship within team events whilst showcasing their individual talents.

House Captains

Our Year 6 House Captains are proud to represent their Houses and act as ambassadors for the School at various events throughout the year. They are also responsible for coordinating fundraising events for their House’s chosen charity.

The School Council

The School Council involves pupils in decision making and is a forum for the discussion of school issues. It is run and chaired by pupils from each form and a member of staff.

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