Forest provides a bus service that reaches into Essex and the residential heartlands of east, central and north London covering nine routes, Monday to Friday, during each term.

We encourage pupils (and staff) to walk or cycle to Forest (and we have recently increased our storage provision for both bikes and scooters). We also encourage use of local TfL buses/tube services.

Those pupils for whom these are not an option, we also offer a private bus service, running nine routes for the use of Forest School pupils only; members of the public cannot use this service. Over 250 Forest pupils use the service, providing not only secure transport, but also supporting the School’s commitment to a cleaner environment by actively reducing the number of cars travelling to and from the School each day. This helps to ease congestion and improve air quality around the site. Forest partners with a transport management company, Kura, through whom all bookings are made.

Forest also participates in the TfL Travel for Life programme, undertaking a huge number of programmes and activities to support safer and more sustainable travel. Forest has been awarded its second consecutive Gold Level accreditation by TfL for its activity in this area.

Please follow this link to the School’s dedicated webpage on the Kura’s site.

For more information please see below: Forest School’s Bus Service Guide 2024-25