Forest has an extensive activities programme. The aim is for pupils to realise the significance of a healthy lifestyle through an enjoyable and rewarding programme by encouraging them to develop their current interests and explore new ones. As Forest Learners they will make progress and develop skills in line with our school values of growth, hard work, learning, community, wellbeing, diversity and responsibility.

The Activities programme is designed around six key strands which encompasses everything we offer. These are STEAM, Creativity, Careers, Community, Cultural and Challenge.

  • STEAM – This area could involve anything from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
  • Creativity – This area is about turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It usually involves two processes: thinking, then producing.
  • Careers – an insight or interest help develop qualities you need to work and potentially open up doors to different career pathways.
  • Community – a chance to help others in the local community through volunteering or social support.
  • Cultural – These relate to anything related to the arts and heritage, embracing artefacts and works of arts, literature and the performing arts.
  • Challenge – These are physical based activities that cover a range of our major sports to individual physical challenges.

Some of our current activities include:

Computing, Cycling, Dialogue not Debate, Theatre Workshops, Food Atlas, Music Technology, Silversmithing, Robotics, Upcycling, Karate, Puppetry, Forest School, Water Polo – and many more!