The Senior School Art department is a busy, exciting, and energetic place. Here, staff and students develop a shared passion for the visual arts underpinned by a responsive and progressive curriculum and excellent facilities.

We are lucky enough to offer three discreet curriculum areas at both GCSE and A-Level: Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design. The department has six purpose-built classrooms, a photographic dark room, kiln and outdoors working area. Art is a popular subject at Forest and each year students go on to pursue the study of visual arts subjects at prestigious Universities including the University of the Arts London.

In years 7 and 8 students have one double lesson of Art. If students’ select Art as a year 9 option, then they have four lessons of Art per cycle. Within years 7, 8 and 9 students’ complete three projects that include the exploration of media relating to Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design. At GCSE, students receive six lessons per cycle in their chosen Art subject. Students can explore an extremely wide range of media, processes and techniques providing them with a broad skillset that they can apply to pursue their ideas with creativity and confidence. At A-Level, students receive twelve lessons per cycle and are exposed to an even broader range of media, processes and techniques further strengthening their skillset and enabling them to thrive within the challenging requirements of A-Level Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design. The department follows the AQA specification for Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design at both GCSE and A-Level. The department has a strong super curricular offering with Life drawing lessons being run after school on a Thursday for A-Level students, and KS3 Art club, with regular gallery visits and artist workshops. All activities within the Art department are carried out with the intention of meeting the following vision:

  1. Students have an excellent Art experience
  2. We teach a broad curriculum
  3. We ensure that Art has a high profile throughout the school
  4. Students receive excellent teaching from highly qualified expert staff