There are regular classes and rehearsals for plays and other performances.

Drama is offered as an Option at Year 9 and at GCSE and A Level. In the Lower School we introduce basic drama skills and then follow schemes of work on Slapstick & Silent Film, The Medieval Mystery Plays and Desert Island Survival.

GCSE and A Level embrace Devised and Scripted Work, practical study of texts ranging from Chekhov, Shakespeare, to modern Classics such as Jez Butterworth’s “Jerusalem” as well as a diverse programme of live theatre visits.

On the Co-Curricular front, there are three productions a year: the Michaelmas Play draws its cast from the whole school community, the Lent Term Play involves Years 7, 8 and 9 , while the Trinity Term show is usually a more light hearted affair with a cast drawn from Year 9, 10 and 12. Recent productions include “Oh What A Lovely War!”, “Nicholas Nickleby”, “Kes” and “Dick Barton- Special Agent!”

In addition, there are highly competitive House Drama Competitions where pupils are encouraged to develop their writing and directing skills. In addition, there is a thriving Technical Theatre Team who provide support, not only for in-house productions but for school wide events.