Forest is a selectively academic school with a fast pace of learning and high academic expectations and excellent academic outcomes. For example, our last GCSE cohort sitting formal exams in 2019 achieved 75% 9/8/7 (A**/A*/A).

We are committed to ensuring all our pupils are included and can access our curriculum successfully. Our small Learning Support Department focuses on supporting pupils with a diagnosed Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND). A child or young person has special educational need if he or she has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her.

For those Forest pupils requiring such support a customised programme will be tailored to meet the pupil’s individual requirements. This will be a provision which is additional to, or different from, that generally accessed by their peers. However, Learning Support at Forest supports pupils to access and thrive in its own pressured academic environment and Forest may therefore not be the best educational setting for some pupils’ needs to be met.

Forest requires any SEND need to be shared and discussed with the School before a pupil is offered a place, so that we can determine the level of support that is required. The School cannot guarantee providing appropriate support for any special educational need that is not disclosed to the School before the offer of a place is made, and the School reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place before or after a pupil joins Forest School, as outlined in the school contract.

Our Learning Support enjoys good working relationships with pupils and their families. We expect that relationship to start before a pupil joins the School.

During term time, the department runs small group or individual sessions, and the department has an open-door policy where pupils and parents can raise any concerns. Pupils’ progress will be reported to parents through reports, and regular parents’ meetings and consultations. We also work collaboratively with external agencies, which help to guide and inform our support, when required.