Forest’s co-curriculum is very much at the centre of the School. It’s what makes our pupils stand out from the crowd and it helps give pupils the confidence and ability to excel professionally and personally. There is overwhelming evidence that pupils who involve themselves in the co-curriculum often find that they excel in their academic studies.

Forest offers one of the widest and varied co-curricular programmes in London; pupils can choose anything from horse riding to chess, dissection to debating, drama and a wide range of musical activities to some of the best of sporting offerings. We are always looking to make the programme better and there is a great deal of flexibility. Our co-curricular programme is customised to the pupils at the School, not the other way around.

Our core co-curriculum stems from pupils’ interests and passions. Each term new clubs and societies start at the request of pupils, and at Forest we are fortunate enough to be able to facilitate our pupils’ bright ideas with flexibility – these regularly become successful and well-subscribed, with many leading to national competitions.

It is often said of our co-curriculum that it fully embodies what it means to be a Forest pupil. The Forest Portfolio, which pupils begin in Year 7 and continue into the Sixth Form, is a journal of a pupil’s co-curricular achievements at Forest. It is everything a pupil does at the School outside of the classroom and anything that helps to define them as an individual.

From Year 7 pupils will participate in a range of activities that encourage learning of Physical, Cultural and Leadership Skills. Each term pupils extend these skills or try something different to build on their learning through Wider Horizons. The Forest Portfolio also ensures pupils become active members of the wider community through the Service element.

At Forest it is not just about pupils finding out their potential interests for themselves, we also make sure that pupils are making the most of their time at school through our Forest Portfolio award. In each section, pupils are encouraged to keep trying something new while sticking with those activities they most enjoy.

The Forest Portfolio demonstrates how pupils are embracing school life and building their transferable skills. It can help to crystallise career plans or give the pupil a clear picture of the areas of the co-curriculum they find most interesting.

The co-curriculum at the School defines everything Forest is about; co-curricular activities celebrate the School’s long-standing heritage while looking forward to a changing world. Where else will you find a pupil excelling in their studies, enjoying go-karting and football while being able to decorate a birthday cake?

Co-curricular activities are all about balance and there is certainly never an excuse to be bored!