How can I be creative?

Have a look through the resources below!

Creativity is using your imagination and original ideas to create something. Think of artists, musicians, inventors, and architects. There’s lots of different ways to be creative, because there’s lots of things that you can create. What do you enjoy making, and what could you try?


Science Channel

[The Science Channel on YouTube]
A YouTube channel that combines science with some very creative questions – get ready for underwater jet packs, ice cream sandwiches, and high-fiving bees!

Leave a Light On

[Listen to a live performance]
The Theatre Café in London is live streaming three live performances a day.

Jigsaw Planet

[Create your own Jigsaw]
You can create your own puzzle in many different ways – draw a picture and cut it up (see if anyone and home can solve it!), or draw something in paint and upload it here.

Introduction to Game Programming

[Become a video game developer]
Via FutureLearn: Discover the essentials of video game development and learn how you can start your own programming career.


[Explore art galleries]
This app lets you use VR to walk around art galleries – updated daily. 360° views let you visit many countries’ museums in a day!


[Create your own beats]
Compose your own tunes using professional loops. You can composer in browser, or using the app.


[Compose your own music]

Create your own songs using pre-made loops, or your own beats and melodies.

How to Write Your First Song

[Write a song]
Via FutureLearn: Get a practical introduction to the mechanics of songwriting and meet established songwriters with this free online course.

Shot-for-Shot Films

[Watch a shot-by-shot film]
Find a film or TV show that you enjoy, and collaborate with your friends (online!) to make your own version (e.g. this video). How creative can you be, and how similar can you get?