Forest is a large, vibrant school, with more than 1,430 boys and girls in equal proportion, from 4 to 18. Our traditional House structure means that each pupil is treated as an individual, of whom we have the highest expectations, while our size enables us to offer breadth and depth of opportunity.

We benefit from a tremendous location: on the very edge of North-East London, a city school surrounded by ancient forest, safe but not secluded, and within a diverse, dynamic community. There is boldness in the School’s character, a readiness to be forward-thinking and adaptable, with pride in what we are and excitement for what lies ahead.

Seeing the School for yourself and meeting our pupils and staff is the best way to learn more about us and our culture.
We look forward to welcoming you to Forest School.

Marcus Cliff Hodges



The Senior School consists of three sections: Lower School, Year 7 and 8; Middle School, Year 9, 10 and 11; and Sixth Form, Year 12 and 13


Louise Lechmere-Smith, Head of Middle School

Jon Sloan, Head of Lower School

Our Approach

Forest is a busy, happy and inclusive learning environment. Our curricular and co-curricular approach is articulated within the frameworks of The Forest Learner and The Forest Classroom. For each pupil to maximise their potential we foster an understanding of the learning process, encouraging their development into lifelong learners. We expect Foresters to come to appreciate the value of hard work and enjoy the achievements of vigorous learning.

Academic Ethos

Forest’s academic ethos is simple – we want pupils to master their subjects and grow into great learners.

‘Mastery’ is about more than getting high grades; it’s about mastering the knowledge and skills of any given subject and seeing this as the real outcome of academic education. We want our pupils to leave Forest with both excellent results and the crucial mindset that we learn for the intrinsic value of self-betterment.