Our beautiful Grade II listed Chapel building sits at the heart of Forest School and serves as a place of community, celebration and reflection for our diverse school community; those of all faiths and beliefs.

One of the first school buildings, built in 1857, it remains a consistent part of the regular rhythm of life for our pupils, both as a focal point for whole school community celebration, commemoration or remembrance but also as a weekly space where each section of the school gathers to share together and reflect on the big questions or life, ourselves and our world.

Our Chapel Choir will regularly contribute to our gatherings through music and hymns, as will individual pupils and groups through their creativity and sharing of their faith and beliefs. In this way we hold together tradition alongside our 21st century values and beliefs; strengthening our collaboration and connections in an atmosphere of respect and value for all as a school community.

A rare place of pause in our busy lives, the Chapel is open and appreciated by all.

Louisa Parrales