Life beyond the White Gates

In a challenging admission cycle, the majority of Forest students were placed at the university destination of their choice, with most taking up places at Russell Group institutions and highly competitive universities.

All 8 Oxbridge applicants met their offer for places at Oxford and Cambridge to read for a diversity of degrees, including English, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Architecture, Classics and Natural Sciences.

A long-established tradition of Foresters pursuing the top medical programmes in the country continues, with 7 Forest pupils now taking up their place to read medicine and veterinary science in a fiercely competitive year.

Although last year saw a return to in-person examinations, this year represents the first set of examinations which have gone ahead without modification, advance information or adjustment in grade boundaries at the national level since the pandemic. This examination cycle, therefore, represents the first ‘normal year’ since 2019. However, we must not forget that this cohort’s time at Forest was also experienced in the shadow of the pandemic, and they were affected by the uncertainty of national educational disruption, like those cohorts before them.

The fact that this cohort have excelled and achieved to such a high standard is a credit to their resilience and effort. These results are also a testament to the quality of a Forest education and notably, the support and expertise of Forest teachers.

Y13 Destinations Interviews