Name: Laurie

A Level subjects: Politics, Philosophy, History

University course: Politics

First choice destination: Leeds University

What was the thought process that led you to choose to read Politics at University?

I had originally planned to read Law at University but the insight I gained through a work experience placement at Highbury Magistrates Court changed my mind. I witnessed a 19yr old who came before the court with multiple previous convictions and was frustrated by the way he had been let down by the system. From then on, I wanted to pursue politics as I am interested in societal change and feel that, as a lawyer, you are coming to the situation too late to really make a difference.

Where else did you apply?

Sheffield, Newcastle, York have all offered me a place. I like city life but want a change from London so all the Universities I’ve applied to are up North, but Leeds is the one that appeals to me the most as they offer placements in Parliament in working in an MP’s office.

What are your plans for the future?

I am keen to pursue a career in Politics and our Head of Department Mrs Robinson has been really supportive and has given me the confidence to follow this path.