With huge thanks to the Forest School Parents’ Association, we have partnered with HomeRun, the school travel app that helps schools understand how everyone gets to School and improves travel for parents, pupils and staff.  The service helps to enable shared and safer travel, plus create a cleaner, greener School.  Clean air for our School community is something pupils feel passionate about, and HomeRun has had fantastic results in reducing the number of cars on the school run during rush hours, making us greener, safer and healthier.  You can find out more about HomeRun and its impact on their website.

The service will allow you to:

  • Explore journey sharing opportunities
  • Monitor your child’s independent travel
  • Discover travel options in your area
  • Contribute to reducing our School’s CO2 emissions and associated air pollution

Parents can use our secure registration link to register now: https://user.homerun-app.com/launch/for9037
We have shared your name and email address with HomeRun to enable you to use the service.*

HomeRun is a secure service that is free for you to use and accessible only to parents and staff members.  We kindly ask every parent and staff member to register for the service and complete the simple registration survey, which will enable us to understand existing school travel methods. This should take no longer than 3 minutes.

*This is fully GDPR-compliant through your legitimate interest in using the service as a member of the school community. If you would rather not use the service, you do not need to do anything: your data will be automatically deleted from HomeRun’s servers when your child or children have left the school, but you can email info@homerun-app.com with the subject “Delete my data” if you wish for HomeRun to delete your data immediately.