Life in Forest Sixth Form is busy and, at times, intense. It’s also an exciting time to grow, nurture and discover talents, and to plan for your future beyond Forest. Sixth Formers become effective time managers. At Forest, Sixth Formers must be in school from 8.30am – 3.55pm. However, they are allowed off-site at lunch time.

Here are some examples of how your day might look at Forest Sixth Form:

Zoe, a Year 13 student:

Before SchoolChamber Orchestra Rehearsal
8.30am – 8.35amRegistration
8.35am – 8.55amStart of Day Curriculum
9.00am – 9.50amHistory lesson
9.55am – 10.45am
10.45am – 11.00amBreak
11.05am – 11.55amStudy period
12.00pm – 12.50pmReligious Studies lesson
12.50pm – 1.55pmLunch time – lunch and meeting with History teacher about coursework
1.55pm-2.10pmRegistration and Sixth Form one-to-one Support
2.15pm – 3.05pmMusic lesson
3.10pm – 4.00pmReligious Studies lesson
After SchoolSymphony Orchestra

Or Charles, a Year 12 student:

Before SchoolElite Players’ Programme
8.30am – 8.35amRegistration
8.35am – 8.55amStart of Day Curriculum
9.00am – 9.50amPersonal Decision-Making lesson
9.55am – 10.45amEconomics lesson
10.45am – 11.05amBreak
11.05am – 11.55amEconomics lesson
12.00pm – 12.50pm
12.50pm – 1.45pmLunch time
1.45pm – 2.10pmRegistration and Chapel
2.15pm – 3.05pmStudy period
3.10pm – 4.00pmMathematics lesson
After SchoolFootball fixture – home