How do I learn more about community?

Communities allow us to be part of something much bigger than ourselves – what communities are you a member of? The people of your school form a community, as do any groups you might be involved in.

Think about:

  • Sports groups
  • Religious groups
  • Gaming groups
  • Culture groups
  • Geographical groups


Sir Attenborough on BBC Bitesize

Geography with Sir Attenborough
Soon on BBC Bitesize you will be able to learn Geography from Sir Attenborough. What better way is there to learn about the world, and community of creatures in it?

Wildlife Friendly Gardens

How to make your garden wildlife friendly
If you have a garden, The National Trust have some advice on how you could help wildlife live in it. Soon you could have a community of butterflies in your back garden!

Young Hackney

Young Hackney activities
Young Hackney is a group of Youth Clubs in Hackney that have set up an Online Youth Hub. They have things to do every day on it – click above to have a look!

Essex Walks

Walking Locally
Join the walking community and use your daily exercise to go for a walk (with an adult!) to explore some of the beautiful nature nearby. Just remember to keep 2 meters distance from everyone!

Warwick Physics Journal Club

The scientific research community
This club is aimed at 16-18 year olds, and each week asks you to read through a (real!) research paper and answer questions about it. The answers are released with the next week’s questions.

Window Bird Feeder

Make your a window bird feeder
If you don’t have a garden, you can still encourage the bird community to say hello – check out this guide to make a bird feeder for you window.