How can I learn more about culture?

Have a look through the resources below!

Culture is what drives how we live and interact with the world and the people in it. It guides our fashion, music, and buildings – built by the people that lived here in generations gone past, and continually being finished by new generations.

To learn more about various cultures, you can try:

  • Listening to new music – check out various playlists on YouTube and Spotify (or any other place you listen to music) that you don’t normally listen to. For example, try listen to Nordic Folk music, or some Afro-Cuban Jazz.
  • Watching documentaries – most media platforms have some great documentaries, from building caravans out of Lego, to the use of the colour blue throughout art history.
  • Think about what items in your house could tell you about the culture they’re from.

We’ve made some suggestions about where to start with the links on this page.


Discovery Field Trips

Go on a virtual field trip
The Discovery channel have lots of videos of “virtual” field trips to many places, covering Shakespeare, the Magna Carta and more.

Grayson’s Art Club

Art Club with Grayson Perry
Artist Grayson Perry will be hosting an art show every week from the end of April. Not only will you get expert instruction from an experienced artist, you can submit your own work to the show!

Live Stage Shows

Watch a stage show
Want to watch a stage show? Have a look at this list – many theatres are now recording and streaming their shows. You can already watch The Wind in the Willows (Recommended!), and every Thursday the National Theatre streams one of their past plays. Andrew Lloyd Webber is also streaming one of his musicals every Friday for 48 hours.

Composer of the Month

Learn about composers
Every month this website features a new composer, as well as having lots of musical resources to read and learn from.

Virtual Museum Tours

Take a tour round a museum
Many museums have virtual tours that you can go on – to explore New York’s Guggenheim, London’s British Museum, and various others.

Sergio Aguero on BBC Bitesize

Sergio Aguero teaches Spanish
Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will be hosting Spanish lessons on BBC Bitesize. Learning a language is a great way to gain access to new cultures.

Royal Albert Home

Listen to musicians from home
The Royal Albert Hall has a streaming programme of artists from KT Tunstall to Scouting for Girls to introductions to the harp.

Royal Opera House

Watch some opera
The Royal Opera House is streaming their past performances – you can watch anything from Handle’s Acis and Galatea to a modern interpretation of Mozart’s Così fan tutte.