We are pleased to offer Sports Scholarships at 11+ and 16+ entry at Forest School.

For detailed information on the awards made and the assessment process please see link below:

Scholarships at Forest School 

All Sports Scholars are automatically enrolled on our EPP Programme.

The Elite Player Programme

The School is experienced in supporting young sportsmen and sportswomen who compete at an elite level. We have in place a programme for pupils needing leave from school to satisfy sporting commitments.

The Elite Player Programme (EPP) is designed to support the further development of these talented sportsmen and sportswomen by providing additional guidance and support that goes beyond the normal PE and Games Programme.

This includes:

  • A personalised strength and conditioning programme designed by our expert SnC coaches
  • Regular sport-specific fitness testing and monitoring
  • Subsidised physiotherapy
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • The opportunity for extra one-on-one or small group coaching
  • A mentor with whom EPP pupils will have regular meetings in order to ensure a healthy balance between academic study and athletic progress
  • Termly talks and lectures from internal and external speakers
  • The School will consider one day per-week release requests or an equivalent 30 days per school year

The programme is awarded to pupils in Years 7-13 who demonstrate outstanding potential in one or more of our major sports. Membership to the EPP is extremely prestigious and upon accepting an EPP place you will be expected to attend the 2 sessions before school each week and show outstanding attitude and commitment to the programme and Forest School sport.