How do I learn more about careers?

A career is your path through the workplace, and there’s many to choose from! Think about what you currently know – did you know that the below are jobs?

  • Globemaker (where else do you get a model of the world from?)
  • Underwater pizza delivery person
  • The Ravenmaster – the current one has written a book about his experiences!

For more unusual jobs, have a look here, and for links to learn more about other (slightly more common) jobs, have a look below.



Extend your knowledge of the Curriculum
Extend what you know about the current curriculum, by making a movie, a piece of code, or other career skills!


Learn how to code
Coding is one of the most in-demand career skills – learn how to here!

The Opera Machine

Watch an opera from behind the stage
Use 17 different camera angles to watch and listen to the behind the scenes of Opera performances.

Khan Academy

Explore your subjects further
Want to learn something new in one of your subjects? Khan Academy has many courses on a range of topics.

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids on Youtube
A YouTube channel with some fun and informative videos on Earth, Life, Physical, and Space sciences.

Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

Discover the fashion industry
Via FutureLearn: From its impact on culture and society to consumer behaviour, discover the business of fashion with Institut Francais de la Mode.