Forest School was founded in 1834 as part of the charitable work of a group of local dignitaries and opened the white gates in order to educate 22 boys from the local area.  In 2020 Forest school began the process of ensuring that girls and boys in the local area continue to be able to access Forest’s education regardless of their background. We launched our Assisted Places to ensure that the most in need can access the education we offer. Forest School also launched a Founders’ Day Bursary specifically for vulnerable children with experience of the care system and we are working with partners in social services and the local education authorities to ensure that the most appropriate children access the fund, ensuring Forest for All. 

Collaboration strengthens and improves all who participate and at Forest School we encourage and promote collaboration with different organisations.  Spreading our wings into the local, national and international community to form partnerships with London Academy of Excellence, the Hackney Empire and the Ogden Trust amongst others. 

Forest pupils are global citizens and through Outreach & Partnership opportunities here they visit China and share learning with our partner school in Shanghai, in the same way as they visit local primary schools to work with children on projects across the full range of subjects, opening the white gates to ensure growth both inside and out. 

Pupil involvement is central to all this and we are committed to ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to participate in Forest in Action the School’s community action programme.  This year, year 7 committed 3 days to Forest in Action and our older pupils already have a reputation locally for their volunteering as part of the Forest Diploma. 

Looking forward, we are keen to continue to grow our Partnerships work with focussed support for local primaries in key subject areas, an exciting and engaging science week and other subject-specific shared events.  We will expand on our Partnerships with London Academy of Excellence and the Hackney Empire, both of which seek to engage and improve life chances for some of the most disadvantaged in our area of North East London and we will continue to work for a Forest School which truly represents and is part of its local community. 

A summary of our Outreach work during 2021-23 can be found here: Outreach Prospectus 2021-2023 Digital


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Forest Outreach and Partnerships: Strengthening Forest Through Collaboration.