Charitable Giving

All pupils at Forest have opportunities to be active in supporting charitable causes and understand why this is important to encourage a sense of social justice. 


Our focus for our work will be based around three main areas: 

  • Young People
  • Environment
  • Community

These areas will guide which charities we choose to support. 

Our chosen local charities will be based in our most immediate boroughs, Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Newham, areas which include some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in London.  

Our charitable endeavours form an important part of our school identity and grow an appreciation of the way in which charities help support our community. 

Fundraising activities should be imaginative and fun where possible. Staff and pupils should try to think ‘out of the box’ to ensure that fundraising stays fresh and successful. 


  • To broaden the education of pupils at Forest School beyond the curriculum by providing educational and practical charitable experiences (see also Community Action section below). 
  • To engage pupils, parents and staff in charitable endeavours. 
  • To raise awareness of and funds for our chosen charities. 

This cycle our Whole School chosen charities are the London Wildlife Trust and Haven House Children’s Hospice.  

The Prep school and many of the senior school houses have other charities they support through their individual fundraising activities.

Loan of Facilities for Events

The school also regularly open its facilities to a diverse range of groups and individuals. We loan out our theatre, conference and sporting facilities both on a weekly and annual/one off basis. This is done through our Events Coordinator.