All Forest School pupils become Old Foresters when they leave and can keep in touch via the Alumni Office. Those who have been at the School for at least two years are welcomed as automatic lifetime members of the Club from the age of 18. They join a community of over 7,000 men and women who all have one thing in common – Forest School.

Working with the Old Foresters’ Club, the Alumni Office provides a wide range of services for the benefit of alumni. These include:

  • Social, cultural and sporting reunions for Old Foresters.
  • Promoting The Network to facilitate professional networking opportunities.
  • Supporting introductions and internships.
  • Informing Old Foresters of Forest School development plans.
  • Maintaining the Forest School Archive, making it an accessible resource for teaching as well as a memory bank for past pupils.
  • Responding to research enquiries from Old Foresters as well as from the wider community.
  • Helping all Old Foresters reconnect with the School and each other.

Much may have changed since your last visit to the School but the Alumni Office is always delighted to offer a warm welcome to old friends and happy to help you to keep in touch with classmates and search for fellow Old Foresters. We hope you will make regular visits to the Alumni pages to catch up with news, activities and events.

The Alumni Office is open throughout the year and we are always happy to show Old Foresters around the School. Why not meet up with Old Forester friends here, delve into the School Archive and join us for lunch in the Dining Hall? If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Old Foresters’ Publications

The latest issue of the OF News can be found here OF News

The hardcopy is published annually after Trinity exeat.

If you would like to submit articles for any of the above publications, please contact Sam Gautama on 020 8509 6588 or email

If you have not received a publication, it may be that your postal address or email address is incorrect or out of date. Please complete this form: Early Leavers/Lost OFs Reconnect Form

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