Forest School Digital Archive

Created with funding from the Old Foresters’ Club and Forest School. School magazines 1865-2013 and School registers 1845-1988 can now be viewed online.

  • For login details and all other enquiries, please contact us on 020 8509 6588 or email
  • Items are digitised and added on an ad hoc basis

Forest School Archive

In addition to the information found on the Digital Archive, you can find further content including OF Magazines, Who’s Who (current, historical and sporting) and Archive News on the Forest School Access the Archive site.

With minutes of the founders’ meetings in 1834, magazines dating back to 1865 and recorded pupil memories from as early as 1879, it is difficult to say when the Archive was set up. The generosity of Old Foresters (OFs) and the Old Foresters Club converted a former washroom area for boarders into the Archive – and since then the collection has gone from strength to strength.

  • Archive items are used in displays at reunions and may be taken out on visits to OFs who are no longer able to make the journey to Forest School.
  • The Archive is a valuable educational tool and it is visited by all pupils at some stage during their time at Forest.
  • OFs are encouraged to visit the Archive and refresh their memories.
  • We welcome all donations of artefacts relating to Forest School and its history.
  • We respond to a steady flow of enquiries from OFs, staff pupils and the wider community.
  • Volunteers are actively encouraged. Several groups of OFs have volunteered to name and date photos. The resulting gatherings have been sociable and entertaining for the OFs and have added much valuable information to our collection.