Bursary programme

In 2019, Forest school launched a Founders’ Day Bursary specifically for children in care or with experience of the care system and we work with partners in children’s services and the local education authorities to ensure that the most appropriate children access this fund, ensuring Forest for All.  These children are identified by their primary schools, the local virtual headteachers and/or children’s services, as pupils who would cope intellectually at Forest, but for whom the opportunity would not present itself through other means.

The Founders’ Day Bursary is a 100% plus bursary, covering not only the fees but also the uniform, device, trips and peripatetic lessons as appropriate for the student.  As a school we are well funded for counselling and support and pride ourselves on our high impact pastoral care.   We feel well placed to offer a child in these circumstances the care they need through the gold standard academic education we offer combined with the emotional and pastoral support they need.

From September 2021, we are delighted that Forest School has become a Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation Accredited School and part of the RNCSF Network. Therefore, any enquiries about a place at Forest with respect to the Founders’ Day Bursary should be made directly to Royal Springboard. Our contact is Leah Morgan (ljm@royalspringboard.org.uk). Leah, on behalf of Royal Springboard in partnership with Forest School, will manage all aspects of the application and selection process with immediate effect.

We are looking to increase the number of students who receive full bursary provision both through this fund and through our Assisted Places scheme.  We do not have an endowment as a school and currently scholarships and bursaries are funded through our normal income.  We would like to change that to create a fund which pays for children truly in need to attend and welcome conversations with any parties who maybe to help us to this end.

If you would like to support our Founders’ Day Bursary please find out how you can help.