Pre-Prep visit Florence Nightingale Museum

Forest’s Pre-Pupils visited the Florence Nightingale Museum on Monday 16 January.

The Year One and Two pupils visited the museum as part of their ‘People of the Past’ topic.

During recent classes the pupils have been learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, to prepare for the visit.

Year One teacher Miss Hopkin said: ‘They listened carefully to Florence’s story told by an enthusiastic actress. The pupils got to join in by acting as Florence’s family and also dressing up as a Victorian soldier and nurse.

‘We then got to explore the museum looking at historical objects from the nineteenth century and reading to and listening to more information. The pupils all got to learn more about the famous nurse.

‘Finally, we enjoyed lunch with views of Big Ben and the London Eye. With many thanks to the parents who accompanied us on the trip.’

Pre-Prep pupil Kyle said: I loved all the activities at the museum,’ while Jola added ‘What I loved about the Florence Nightingale museum was the acting. I was Florence Nightingale’s sister.’

Ahead of the trip, Pre-Prep pupils returned to school dressed as people from past including Florence Nightingale, Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks.