Famous engineer Rob Bell visits Forest

Engineer and TV presenter Rob Bell visited Forest School on Tuesday 4 July.

The famous engineer, who is currently presenting a show on TV about the London Underground, was in School to talk to Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils.

During the talk, he spoke to the pupils about engineering and explained to the pupils that ‘it is all around us, from the moment you get up to the moment you get home’.

He also showed the pupils clips of various programmes he had presented and talked about the many different roles an engineer may have.

Speaking about the visit, Master-in-charge of Pre-Prep, Mr Paul Faulkner said: ‘It was a fascinating talk and Rob was brilliant with the children. They loved hearing him speak and his tales from the world of engineering. One pupil did ask him if had built the Titanic, which I think he was a bit surprised about.’

When asked about the talk, Pre-Prep pupil Helena said ‘It was fun to learn more about the most famous engineers to talk the earth,’ while Huw added ‘I got to learn about how engineers have designed robots to help pick foods in giant warehouses.