Chicks in the Pre-Prep

This term, pupils in the Pre-Prep have been studying life cycles as part of their ‘Flowers and Insects’ topic.

The topic has seen the pupils visit Colchester Zoo and visit the forest close to the School. In order for the pupils to experience life cycles first-hand, the Pre-Prep were delivered a number of eggs.

Over the course of two weeks, the Pre-Prep pupils watched the eggs hatch into chicks and observe the start of their new lives. After the first week, the children were allowed to handle the chicks in small groups, which they ‘absolutely loved’ according to Year 1 teacher Miss Hopkin.

When asked about the experience, Oliver, Reception, said ‘I saw one come out of the egg. They were very fluffy,’ while Lily-Boo, Reception, added ‘They were very cute and soft, I loved holding them.’

‘They had delicate, little legs and spiky feet,’ explained Alastair, Year One, while classmate Sami said ‘I liked their chirping.’

The chicks have now been rehomed to local farms where the pupils will be kept up-to-date about their progress.