How You Can Help

Fundraising has contributed over £3 million in pledges and received donations to various projects over the last decade

Ours is a continuing effort, and we hope everyone will participate. No matter the size, every gift is valuable, whether it is for £10, or £10,000. We ask all those who care about Forest to help us realise our ambitions and make a difference for generations to come.

  • Regular Giving through Gift Aid is the most popular way of making a tax-efficient charitable donation as it spreads the cost over a period of time. We hope, in particular, that parents will consider giving throughout their child’s life at the School. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit. Forest School can set up paperless Direct Debits in line with your instructions. Just call Sam Gautama on 020 8509 6588.
  • Single gifts or one-off donations also qualify for tax relief under the Gift Aid scheme.
  • The Bursary Fund is aimed at securing funding to introduce more awards, particularly means-tested bursaries.
  • Consider a Legacy in your will to help ensure that the very special experience that is a Forest education will continue to flourish in the future.
  • Companies which make donations to charity can reduce their liability for corporation tax through Corporate Giving.
  • The Network aims to promote to alumni and parents ways in which they can help current pupils.
  • Visit our School Shop to should you wish to view Forest School Merchandise. All proceeds will go towards current Forest School projects.

Leaving a Legacy

As a member of the extended Forest family, you may wish to consider a legacy in your will to help ensure that the very special experience that a Forest education provides will continue to flourish in the future.

A legacy to a registered charity such as Forest School (registered charity number 312677) can help to reduce or eliminate your liability to Inheritance Tax and also provides an excellent opportunity to help secure the long-term future of the School. More information can be viewed on our Forest School Legacy page.

1834 Society

We would be delighted to show our appreciation personally and invite all legators to enrol as a member of the 1834 Society, named to mark the year Forest School was established. Members are invited to attend special dinners and other events at the School.

Legators can choose to remain anonymous. However, should you choose to inform us of your arrangements, any information you provide is simply a statement of your current intentions and is not legally binding. All communications are treated in the strictest confidence.


“My eleven years at Forest School were incredibly happy and prepared me well for a successful start to my career. There are many occasions when I reflect on how experiences at Forest have helped me to handle present day situations. My School has not merely changed my life, it made it. I hope that my legacy pledge will do the same for others in the future”.
Paul Schneider (School 1989-2000)


If you would like to discuss any aspect of legacy giving, please contact Sam Gautama on 020 8509 6588.

Corporate Giving & Trusts

Over the years we have worked with many charitable trusts and businesses and we continue to seek more partnerships with local and other businesses.

Business Sponsorship

We are grateful to Mulalley and Co Ltd for the Bursary Fund support Forest School pupils have received.

Read Mulalley and Co’s Testimonial.

Companies that make charitable donations can reduce their corporation tax liabilities. For example, a company that donates £10,000 (either as a one-off gift or spread over time) would be able to offset the full amount against its tax liabilities. For financial and tax advice see the HMRC website or speak to your financial advisor. You can also contact the HM Revenue & Customs Charities Helpline: 0845 302 0203.

Trusts and Foundations

Forest is most grateful for the grants it has received from The Ogden Trust, The Wolfson Foundation, The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Rayne Foundation, The British Schools & Universities Foundation, The Donald Forrester Trust and The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

UK Tax Benefits

UK: For the latest information on tax relief against charitable giving please call HM Revenue & Customs (0845 302 0203), visit or speak to your financial advisor.

Gift Aid

Forest School (registered charity number 312677) can reclaim tax on all gifts under the Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid gives the School an extra 25p for every £1 you donate.

Stocks and Shares

Gifts of capital assets or shares can be made directly to Forest School without the donor incurring any liability to Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax.

Donating shares is one of the most tax-effective ways to give to charity. For example, a donation of shares currently valued at £30,000 (but bought for £10,000) would be exempt from Capital Gains Tax. In addition the full amount of £30,000 could be offset against income liable to tax.

If you would like to donate shares to Forest School please contact the Development Office.

Overseas donors

USA: We have received accreditation from the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF) which will make your gifts tax efficient. To find out more, visit the BSUF website. Europe: Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) enables donors in one of the participating countries to support charitable organisations in other member countries and benefit from tax advantages in their country of residence. A fee will be deducted from your donations. Details of participating countries can be found in the Country Profiles section of the TGE website.

Thank you for your support

The Development Programme has been carefully planned to meet the needs of the School. Prudence dictates that we reserve the right to make changes in the light of altered circumstances.

Forest School is a registered charity No. 312677 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England No. 429150.

Forest School is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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