The Network

The Network and Careers Support

The Network Aims

The Network aims to:

  • Provides the opportunity for Old Foresters and parents to come together and forge links within the sector in which they work.
  • Support pupils and Old Foresters moving into the workplace.


The Network operates via email communications from the Development Office and through the Forest School LinkedIn group.

  • An annual event takes place in the Michaelmas Term, usually in Central London. It is open to all parents and OFs and is free. Because numbers are usually limited a quick response is recommended. The keynote speaker is usually a parent or an Old Forester.
  • Offers of work experience, internships and participation in the Careers Fair are continuously sought and regularly updated.
  • A programme of Workshops is being introduced to focus on those professions that are of interest to a good number of Year 11 to 13 pupils. Such events may be followed by an evening network gathering or dinner.
  • We are working with our Old Foresters and parents to provide a Forest School Mentor Group. The aim is to bring our bright, enthusiastic pupils and young Old Foresters together with successful professionals in a beneficial mentoring partnership.

Careers Support

Pupils: The School’s careers support role is delivered by Michelle Dean, Assistant Director of Sixth Form (Careers). The Development Office manage all offers to support pupils and pass them on to Michelle Dean.

Old Foresters: The Forest School Alumni Office support Old Foresters by emailing internships and work experience opportunities to those making the transition from education to the workplace. If you are an Old Forester seeking more specific help please contact us at

Careers Partnership Programme

If you able to offer assistance to Forest School pupils and young OFs moving into the workplace, in any of the areas listed below please fill in our form.

  • Work experience for pupils
  • Internships for OFs
  • Work shadowing
  • Careers Fair
  • Careers talk
  • Advice by phone/email


Forest School and the Development Office thank the Old Foresters’ Club for contributing to the cost of Network events.

Forest School is most grateful to those Old Foresters and parents who have been donating time and expertise.

If you and your company are interested in hosting or funding future events please contact Sue Coates at

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