Old Foresters can join a number of active sports clubs as well as taking up membership of the Sylvestrian Leisure Centre.

There are also matches between Old Forester teams and the Forest School senior teams throughout the year for football, netball, cricket and hockey.

Old Foresters’ Football Club

Founded in 1876 and competing in the FA Cup 1877-89 members are part of a long footballing history. The Club runs four teams and competes in the Arthurian League, Arthur Dunn and various Amateur Football Alliance competitions.

If you are interested in playing please get in touch with Jon Howgrave-Graham (jon.hg@hotmail.com)

Alternatively visit us on:

Twitter (@OldForestersFC) and Facebook (Old Foresters Football Club – Est. 1876)

Old Foresters’ Golf Society

Since 1928 Old Foresters have participated in the Halford Hewitt, a contest with teams of Public School alumni and a most enjoyable social gathering. Other meetings occur throughout the year. The OFGS Calendar can be found here. Those interested in joining please contact Graham Lyon (grahamlyon66@btinternet.com)

Old Foresters’ Netball Club

The squad have competed in the Essex Met League and the Wednesday Night Leagues.

New players are most welcome. Please get in touch with Kate Hersey (kate@chrysalisnursery.co.uk)

Sylvestrian Leisure Centre

The fitness room is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment all linked to the MATRIX system and app. To join please call Jordan Wilson on 020 8509 6526. The following plans are open to Old Foresters:

  • Bronze membership (includes unlimited gym use) £20 per month
  • Silver membership (includes unlimited gym use and all classes) £27 per month
  • Gold membership (includes unlimited gym use, all classes and 1 hour racket sports per day, subject to availability) £35 per month

Further discount on application for paired or couples membership.

Affiliated Groups

Old Foresters (OFs) are eligible to join a variety of groups and clubs.