Donor Charter

Forest School is immensely grateful to those who support its work

Forest School greatly values the generosity of its benefactors and supporters and wishes to clearly demonstrate this with integrity and accountability.

The Governors, Warden and School management undertake to treat all donations, gifts and bequests with the highest level of care and respect in support of the charitable aims of Forest School.

Our donors have the right:

  • To be informed of how Forest School intends to use their gifts.
  • To know that Forest School is committed to using all donations effectively.
  • To know that any gift made for a particular purpose will be used for that purpose. Should this no longer be feasible at a future date, every effort will be made to consult the donor (or their representatives) and take their wishes into account as to any re-direction of funds.
  • To feel confident that the Governors and management of Forest School will invest and use their donations wisely and appropriately, acting at all times in the long-term interest of Forest School.
  • To receive candid information on work they have supported.
  • To receive prompt and honest answers to any enquiries they make, whether before or after making a gift.
  • To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers or employees of Forest School and to be confident they will always observe the highest professional standards.
  • To be confident that any request for anonymity will be observed and their rights to privacy will be respected.
  • To receive a prompt acknowledgement and appropriate recognition of their donation in accordance with their wishes.

As Forest School is committed to the highest standards of integrity and to academic excellence the School will not accept gifts when a condition of such acceptance would compromise these fundamental principles.

Forest School is a registered Charity No. 312677

Donor Recognition

Substantial gifts inspire our efforts and encourage further donor support. They are vital in helping us to achieve our goals. We are delighted to have had many Patrons making gifts of £1,000+ and Benefactors giving £3,000+ in the last three years.

We have created four levels of giving to ensure that all donors are recognised and thanked appropriately.

  • Life Benefactors: £30,000+
  • Benefactors: £3,000+
  • Patrons: £1,000+
  • Friends £350+

We will, of course, respect the wishes of those donors who wish details of their gifts to remain confidential.

Forest School is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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