Week One Done

As our first full week back at school draws to a close, our Warden reflects on an unprecedented return to the Michaelmas term.

‘It has been wonderful to see streams of pupils passing my office window again as they go about their business around school. Out and about, there is also a real pleasure in walking around the site during lesson time knowing that 1400 pupils are engaging in classroom learning, able to discuss openly, ask questions and enjoy a range of resources as they learn as a group.

Pupils seem chirpy and energetic and I admire they way they have adapted so quickly to new routines and some additional constraints with their usual character. My thanks go to all staff who have planned for this week and are facing down the logistical challenge of making it all work. We have already reviewed and adjusted some aspects of arrangements and will continue to do so on a very regular basis, while keeping our fingers crossed that we can stay open for the whole of the term (at least). As ever, we value constructive feedback from parents, so do please communicate directly with us if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for the many emails confirming that your children are feeling safe and happy as Forest returns to action.’

Our teachers also share some thoughts on the return to school:

‘Our brilliant, adaptable and highly resilient students are already making remote learning seem a distant memory. It’s always great to feel the energy of a new school year and I have been amazed at the creative ideas and solutions of my colleagues and students. As a LS tutor it’s really interesting having both my familiar Guy’s boys back again, but to be joined by Hepworth. I hope the weather holds – it’s great spending more time outside.’

‘It’s really nice to be back at school amongst colleagues and pupils. I like the energy of the classroom and the pupils are doing really well at following the rules. The one way system is helping my step-count!’

‘It’s wonderful to be back in the classroom, and to see so many students with positive attitudes to being back at Forest as well.’