Virtual Sports Day Success

On Wednesday 24th June the first ever Forest School Virtual Sports Day took place.

The PE Department created 34 virtual events and challenges for pupils to compete in from home and submit their results online. By 9pm that day there had been 986 submissions.

Over 500 juniors, over 200 inters and over 200 senior pupils took part in one or more challenge. Almost 100 pupils took part in the cycling time trials for distances of 5km, 10km and 20km. The 1 minute sit up challenge was the most popular event with 88 individual pupils submitting their results.

As ever there were some notable individual performances: Tom Archer ran his 5km challenge in 16 mins and 22 secs; Zach Simons did 2046 unbroken keepie uppies and Melissa Ward held a plank for 10 minutes in the planking event! Tolani Alaba would have broken the existing Sports Day record for the 100 metres with his time of 10.56 seconds.

The overall competition was won by Johnians followed by Hepworth and School coming in third.

A final special mention goes to Charlie Britt who completed ALL 34 Virtual Sports Day events – awesome feat!

And congratulations to everyone that took part it was a superb effort – Go Team Forest!