Thriving Through Evolution

When Forest School officially opened its doors to 22 pupils in October 1834, few would have believed it would become the thriving school it is today. Yet here we are, more than 185 years later, celebrating a school that has grown from strength to strength.

The educational landscape has never been as challenging and changeable as it is today, but Forest is determined to remain at the forefront of day school education in the country. The success of our School has always flowed from our ability and willingness to adapt; to assess the world around us and ensure we provide our pupils with the best possible preparation for life beyond Forest.

By creating environments in which our pupils work collaboratively, we embolden them to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lead to deeper learning, to develop a broad range of diverse skills, and to foster and encourage the emotional intelligence that comes from all pupils working together on a daily basis. These are not soft skills. They are the collaborative and interpersonal connections that define the world we live in.

Therefore, from September 2022, we are excited to announce that Forest will strengthen its educational provision yet further by introducing co-educational teaching throughout the school, from Reception to Year 13.

This brochure offers a hopeful, optimistic, and eminently achievable look to the future, an opportunity to reflect on where the School has been and where this positive change will lead us next.  This is an exciting new chapter for Forest.

Forest School – Thriving Through Evolution