The English Society

The English Society welcomed the stand-up comedian Eshaan Akbar (OF 2002).

Eshaan had a varied career before embarking on the cut-throat world of stand-up comedy four years ago. Since then, he has travelled the country performing his routines and winning a number of awards. Eshaan discussed the interesting topic of political correctness and morality in comedy, raising thought-provoking questions about the purpose of comedians in modern society. It was a lucid and, at times, controversial talk, which provoked passionate reactions from pupils and teachers. Eshaan was delighted to return to Forest for the first time in 15 years and was genuinely impressed with the engagement and insight shown by Forest’s A Level English students.

Thank you, also, to the 10 students from Woodford County High who attended as part of the School’s commitment to outreach projects and community links.