Our very own animal saviour

OF Tony Martin continues to support wildlife charities across the globe

Forest School was built upon a foundation of charity and philanthropy and there is no one who better embodies this than Tony Martin (Johnians, 1957). For those of you who are new to the School, Tony’s foundation generously supported the building of the Martin Centre for Innovation which opened in 2013. However, what you may not know is that Tony’s real love is supporting wildlife. From bears in Vietnam and dogs in Morocco, to donkeys in England, many sanctuaries and education programmes have benefitted from his generosity. His foundation has successfully fought for the end of sales of dogs and cats for the dinner table in China, and provided touring neutering buses in Barbados, effectively ending the gassing of thousands of strays across the island every year.

Tony’s dedication has been recently recognised by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, where he has been appointed as an Honorary Associate. We’re so proud of you, Tony.

To find out more about Tony’s foundation, visit https://www.anthonyvmartinfoundation.org