Teach Well Alliance Award


We have recently been awarded a Teach Well Alliance Award. The award recognises schools that have prioritised and looked after staff wellbeing during the period of lockdown.

Forest School has always cared about staff wellbeing and there are a range of support networks and activities on offer to support staff wellbeing during ‘normal school’ time. Now during this period of lockdown much has been put in place to support staff wellbeing further and this has been recognised by the Teach Well Alliance Award.

The training and support offered by the E-learning department has been noted and commented on by large numbers of staff and just how quickly the School could provide pupils with a rich and diverse online curriculum without staff feeling too anxious about learning new skills has been highly commendable.

There have also been a number of colleagues who have stepped up to provide support: the coaching programme is continuing remotely, a ‘friendly phonecall’ system is in place and the Senior Leadership Team are always available and are actively checking in with staff.

The TWA award also recognised the School’s social activities on offer as staff devote time to providing yoga, sport and fitness sessions, quizzes and other challenges for each other. Forest really does have a special and supportive staff body and it is great to have this recognised in a small way during this lockdown period.