Super Curricular Partners

Last week Forest’s partnership with LAE went ‘Super Curricular’ with our inaugural Historical Symposium.

The event provided students at our two schools with a means of showcasing their historical knowledge and research into the discipline beyond the confines of the A Level syllabus- a key activity when it comes to completing university applications.

In keeping with the historical curriculum theme below are some ‘reflections’ on the day from various stakeholders:

‘It was truly a great afternoon meeting aspiring historians from both schools. Thanks to Mr Key for hosting such a successful Inaugural Historical Symposium. May many follow in years to come.’
An Pancaldi Head of History LAE
‘It was stimulating to talk to the other students, specifically those from LAE, about areas of Historical interest and to compare experiences and research.’
Felix Samuels, Forest School Year 13
‘I  enjoyed the whole event and hearing about the LAE students’ university applications and preparation for interviews at Oxbridge etc. via social media. I am truly appreciative of our connection with LAE and hope we can do similar things with English and Politics in the future, as it is so different from the curriculum and is perhaps what it makes it so enjoyable.’
William Telling, Forest School Year 13
‘It is so heartening to see such a range of history here, from studies of imperialism through the lens of material culture to the scrutiny of contemporary foreign policy issues and political leadership. We are also rightly proud of the tapestry of sources which students have drawn from.’
Mr Key, Head of History Forest School