Students Dive into Adventure at Stoney Cove

Mr Bassett-Jones took a group of students to Stoney Cove which is an excellent dive site for improving skills and enjoyable dives with ranging depths of 6-35m (the max we went down to was 20m).

We had excellent visibility, and it wasn’t too chilly (although some in the group may disagree) which was perfect for seeing the sunken relics in the old quarry. A range of experiences went to improve their open water diving skills to work towards their BSAC diving qualifications.

It was Riya, Ella, and Joe’s first time going open water, so they focused on getting used to the environment as it is quite different to the pool. They enjoyed seeing Nessy (a sunken statue of the Loch Ness monster) and the sunken cockpit. They have 2 or 3 more dives left to complete their ocean diver qualification.

Mila and Laurie were working on rescue and buddy skills. Their favourite part was seeing the Perch fish swimming up close to them and finding a crayfish skeleton. They also enjoyed the sign saying “no idiots beyond this point” under the water. Laurie has now completed her ocean diver qualification an looks forward to more dives in the future.

Adam and Arnav are working towards their Sports diver qualification (allowing a depth of 40m compared to the ocean diver 20 m) this meant they focused on navigation and surface marker buoy. They are almost finished with their qualifications.

Thanks to all the teachers that assisted with the trip!

Written by 

Laurie Y12