Remote 11+ Entrance Exam

We have now concluded the 11+ online entrance examination for 2021 entry. Despite the incredibly challenging global circumstances, more than 750 candidates sat our 11+ entrance exam – remotely – completing English and Maths papers, all closely invigilated by Forest staff.

Whilst this is not the entrance examination format we expected to be using, we are confident that that the results from the successful remote exam will enable us to identify those with the potential to be the Foresters of the future.

In November all pupils registered for the exam were interviewed and graded. This was a decision taken when it became clear pupils were experiencing a very varied quantity and quality of remote teaching resulting in widening the already existing attainment gap. We reviewed our interview format to enable us to identify potential in pupils who might not have performed as well as they otherwise might in a formal entrance exam.

References have also been more important than ever, and we have had a dedicated member of staff reviewing these and speaking to individual schools directly should anything about a child’s academic performance require clarification. The reference form included a specific section on the level of remote learning a pupil has received so that we can consider this factor when offering a child a place. So, all in all, we have a significant amount of data on each candidate.

Traditionally the Y7 cohort at Forest comprises 140 external pupils coming from more than 70 different schools who join the 40 Forest Prep School pupils as they transition to Senior School. The split of the 70 schools is roughly 50:50 between maintained and preparatory schools and we hope the adjustments we have made in our entry process will help us ensure the September 2021 cohort will have the same diversity and breadth that we look for at Forest.

Finally, we are excited to be inviting 7 Assisted Place pupils to join Forest in September, maintaining our ambition to ensure that fee remissions are increasingly targeted at those with the greatest financial need. These 7 Assisted Place pupils on full fee remission with be joined by a Founder’s Day Bursary child. This child is identified by their primary school, virtual heads and/or social services as a pupil who shows academic promise but for whom the opportunity to come to Forest would not present itself through other means.