Outstanding! Forest retains Platinum award for SafetyMARK accreditation!

Forest School has retained its Platinum award for the Schools SafetyMARK accreditation!

A rigorous scrutiny of the School’s health and safety systems has taken place and determined that we have maintained our previous excellent score of 94% earning us the PLATINUM award for the accreditation. Over the course of three days, health and safety consultants, audit, interview, view, read and pass judgement on our measures to keep pupils, staff and visitors safe. Everything from the classroom to DT, to educational visits to COVID is assessed. Lead consultant, Justin Smith, left Forest School with nothing but praise.

“Forest School is one of the best if not the best school that I have audited.”

However, Health and Safety never stands still! There are always lessons to be learnt, updated guidance to incorporate, and new technologies to find ways to do things safely. Health and Safety often gets a bad name, cited far too often as a reason why something can not happen. This is not how we operate in Forest. We use professional competencies; we go above and beyond and we are proportionate to ensure pupils get the best possible experience here at Forest, whilst remaining safe.