Outreach Drama Workshops

Next week Forest will play host to over 700, local Year 6 pupils coming to see our version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Ms Gemma Van Praagh, Deputy Head of Co-Curricular says:

‘We thought it would be a good opportunity to get out into our local schools and deliver a Drama-led literacy workshop preparing them to travel with us to Prospero’s magical island.

In the last month we have run workshops with over 580 children from 13 local schools.

The children have been exploring the characters, themes and plot while developing their grasp of the complex Shakespearian language through energetic drama sessions delivered by our Forest Drama team.

The children we have met so far have been just fantastic, throwing themselves into the work with confidence, humour and true enthusiasm. We cannot wait to continue our journey with more schools and all prepare to set sail next week to meet the characters in this enchanted tale of The Tempest.’