New Joiners’ Lunch – Our Forest Family Grows

Today, our Year 13 pupils who joined us last year at 16+ hosted our annual new joiners’ workshop and lunch.

We always make sure that whoever and whenever new people join our Forest family, that they do so with everyone’s support and a big Forest welcome. Today our fantastic Year 13 pupils who joined last year, spent the morning with our most recent additions to the 6th Form. Along with our 6th Form staff team, they hosted ice-breaker activities and also explored the W-Curve pattern of stages. This helps give a deeper understanding of some of the emotions that new joiners (not just in 6th Form, but also for those in the first year of university or college) can experience. Understanding this can really help both the pupil and those supporting them get to grips with some of the feelings that are often inevitable when starting in a new environment.

Welcome to all our new joiners – we can’t wait to get to know you better!