Mandarin Teaching Provision

Forest School is very proud of its well-established Mandarin teaching provision which is now in its eighth year.

At Forest, all Y7 students who chose Mandarin  have three Mandarin lessons every fortnight while Y8 have four lessons. There are currently sixty-three students in Y8 and eighty-one students in Y7 who are studying Mandarin in timetable. We also offer Y11-13 students the opportunity to learn Mandarin conversations and themes of their choice as part of China studies during our activity time.

Li Chen, Forest School’s Head of Mandarin says, ” Our students are very enthusiastic about learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. They do not only see it as a language for future but also have strong awareness of how the knowledge of a completely different culture would make them a more open-minded person.”

Forest is also pleased to announce that our Warden Marcus Cliff Hodges, Li Chen our Head of Mandarin and our Director of Outreach Adela Kay are going to China on the 31st October to meet with our international partners Shanghai Aurora Foreign Language Middle school to plan an exchange programme with them for our Mandarin students.