Lookout! Year 11

Our final Live Remote Lookout! Lecture welcomed Jamie Laing, Co-founder of Candy Kittens to Forest this week.

In recent weeks our remote learning and rich curriculum provision has gone from strength to strength particularly for Year 11 and Sixth Form as a comprehensive programme of transition content has been developed to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A Levels and from A Levels to life beyond the white gates.  Year 11 and Sixth Form are critical learning years and we believe that the provision we are making for this cohort will see them flourish and thrive in spite of these truly unusual circumstances and, as part of that provision, our Y11s can now benefit from the LookOut! Lecture series.

LookOut! Lectures are part of our enrichment programme for our Y12 and Y13s which run every other week featuring high profile speakers from a huge variety of backgrounds, and now all these pupils can experience LIVE remote Lookout Lectures remotely.  Through the increased use of technology such as Microsoft Teams and Sways, our students have been able to read, watch and interact with teachers and educational material in school hours and beyond since the beginning of lockdown, but now the LookOut! Lecture series joins the list of resources that our pupils are benefiting from despite these challenging times.