LAE learn with Forest

Last week we hosted over 40 students from London Academy of Excellence in Stratford for a day of collaborative learning.

After an ice-breaker or two the students were mixed into small groups to learn together; work together and uncover what attributes are deemed important in sixth form life.

Here’s what some of them had to say about the visit:

All our students found it immensely valuable and I hope that some lasting friendships were made. 

I got to meet students with a different background to me but we all have the same common goal which is to strive for academic excellence.

It has changed my perception on students who attend private schools. They seemed very friendly and welcoming. I’m glad I got to meet nice people during this trip.

The day was a very good opportunity to meet students with similar aspirations and gain confidence through the speech that we all had to give with the Forest students.

I believe this type of visit is really useful to gain independence and understand different types of educational systems.


Comments such as these reinforce our commitment to partnering with schools like LAE.

Offering all students the opportunities to enrich their learning with new experiences and supporting their journey into higher education is a benefit to all.

There are more learning days planned with LAE and we can’t wait to have more students enter through the whites gates!