Interfaith Week and F&BF

As part of Interfaith Week we were delighted when The Faith and Belief Forum chose to host their first virtual ‘Encountering Faith and Belief’ session with Forest pupils.

The session formed part of a live Religious Studies lesson for our Year 7 pupils. It focused on the role of religion in people’s lives and there was opportunity for the pupils to ask questions to understand the lived experience of faith and the role of inter-faith dialogue.

The Faith & Belief Forum is a national organisation that exists to create good relations between people of different faiths and beliefs, with a vision to see a connected and supportive society.  They work with educational establishments, community organisations and researchers in order to equip, resource and give voice to that vision.
Last year Forest School joined their linking schools programme which provides opportunity for pupils at different schools to link together to explore topics of identity, diversity and community.
Our Chaplain continues to develop our links with the Faith and Belief Forum as part of our wider school ethos of community and inclusion, and our desire is to continue to explore the ways in which the values and principles of equality and diversity are put into action as we equip our pupils with these skills and experiences.