House Drama

Last week the hotly contested House Drama Heats and Finals took place. The effort, collaboration and positivity shown by the 160 pupils involved was extraordinary.

 All houses performed their drama pieces over two evening heat events. Then four houses from each heat went through to the finals. The pieces ranged from classical Shakespeare, to innovative interpretations of Brecht to pupils’ own work.
Both finals were adjudicated by Rachel Horowitz, a Theatre Practitioner and Producer. She is currently the Creative Learning Producer at Hackney Empire and a National Youth Theatre Associate.  Rachel has produced a number of plays with Collide Theatre including sell out performances of Hamletmachine, Tejas Verdes, and Troy.


The winners of the Girls’ House Finals were first Baylis; second Eliot and third Astell.

The winners of the Boys’ House Finals were first Miller’s; second Bishop’s and third Johnians.

In addition, the following awards were given:

Best Actor
Baylis, Henna Ranu
Best Adapted Script
Best Comedy Performance
Eliot, Freyde Sayers
Best Director
Baylis, Henna Ranu
Best Ensemble
Best Newcomer
Eliot, Georgia Hynes
Best Original Script
Best Portrayal of a Male Character
Baylis, Clara Bushman
Best Production
Best Staging
Best Supporting Actor
School, Isobel O’Neill


Award House
Best Actor Johnians, Alfie Findlay
Best Adapted Script Bishop’s
Best Comedy Performance Bishop’s, Louis Lodder
Best Director Bishop’s, Patrick Coghlan
Best Ensemble Miller’s
Best Newcomer Johnians, Devan Mahalingham
Best Original Script Miller’s
Best Portrayal of a Male Character Johnians, Jason Lane Gandarias
Best Production Bishop’s
Best Staging Copeland’s
Best Supporting Actor Miller’s, Luke Allotey