HomeRun App

We know from young people and our pupils generally, and from the Forest Pupil-led Sustainability Working Committee in particular, they all want us to act now to improve our environment. Striving for cleaner air is an essential part of that.

With our thanks to the FSPA (Forest School Parents’ Association), the School is pleased to partner with HomeRun, the school travel app widely used to understand how school journeys can be improved for parent/carers, pupils and staff while also reducing the impact on local residents. We hope the service will help the Forest School community, specifically, to plan shared and safe travel, and contribute to the reduction in air pollution, creating a cleaner, greener school for everyone.

HomeRun is a secure service that is free to use and accessible only to parents and staff members. We are asking every parent and staff member to register for the service and complete the simple registration survey, to enable us to understand existing school travel methods. This should take no longer than three minutes.

Use our secure registration link to register now:
We have shared your name and email address with HomeRun to enable you to use the service.*

Once you have completed the simple registration survey, you’ll be able to download and login to the HomeRun App. This will enable you to:
• Opt-in to see other Forest families local to you (displayed by distance away, not home address), and who are willing to be contacted to discuss journey sharing or arranging travel buddies
• Connect the app to your child’s phone to monitor their journeys to and from school
• Explore alternative travel options available in your area.

You can find out more about the app and its impact on HomeRun’s website.

We understand that for some families, driving children to school is the only option.  However, we hope that HomeRun will support you to reduce your environmental impact (and save time, stress and money) by car sharing.

Jayni, Y13, is a Co-chair of the Pupil-led Sustainability Working Committee, commented:
“This app will mean we will be able to come face-to-face with our emissions and ways to create quick wins.  Through using detailed data and information, HomeRun will create automated travel plans suited to Forest School students and parents/carers.  As well as making corrective improvements within the school, it is vital not to forget our surroundings that we all share, and by providing more alternatives to low occupancy car usage, this app can ensure that everyone has the option to make a difference and improve school journeys.  This is all done in part of achieving key sustainability goals here at Forest so working together and taking action now means significant steps in the right direction!”

Thank you in advance for supporting us in making positive change that will have both immediate and lasting impact.

*This is fully GDPR-compliant through your legitimate interest in using the service as a member of the school community. If you would rather not use the service, you do not need to do anything: your data will be automatically deleted from HomeRun’s servers when your child or children have left the school, but you can email info@homerun-app.com with the subject “Delete my data” if you wish for HomeRun to delete your data immediately.

This opportunity has been brought to you by the FSPA, following research conducted by the School’s Pupil-led Sustainability Working Committee!