Head of Learning Support in Print

Forest School are proud to announce that Melanie Wright, Head of Learning Support, has co-authored a book to be published in December 2020.

The book: ‘The Effective Teaching Assistant’ – a practical Guide to Supporting Achievement for Pupils with SEND is aimed at teaching assistants who work closely with children with special educational needs.

Wright says:

“It is my belief that all pupils with Special Educational Needs have a right to be included in a mainstream setting.  Independence in learning can be a battle for pupils with SEND.  “The Effective Teaching Assistant” sets out a structured approach to a TA’s support role, which respects and acknowledges the depth and complexity of special educational needs but makes room for the expression of vulnerability which lies at the heart of independent learning.  The book aims to offer TAs a way to enhance their competence and to offer an accessible, professional language for them to use when going about their daily duties and talking to others about their experiences.   The academic, social and cultural demands of school are difficult enough for most children, for those with SEND, this is intensified. Making their path through education more accessible, and more successful, is the principle that both Abigail Gray and myself share, and which sustains us in our drive to improve provision for all pupils with SEND. We hope that this book will serve to empower TAs and to help them realise their importance, their potential and their value in supporting the most challenging and vulnerable children.”

The book is being published by the Taylor Francis Group and will be available to buy next month.